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Cuba In Transition: A Photo Journey 

This book is a collection of images made by fine art photographer Keith Kovach, and narration by Linda Grimm-Kovach produced during an exploration of Cuba, May 2016.

The images, while captivating as individual prints, instill an expanded meaning when collected and paired with a narrative, produced by Kovach’s wife. Together, these pieces elicit an exquisite portrait of Cuba, as experienced in May 2016.

Kovach’s compelling street photography illustrates subtle urban beauty that’s nearly invisible to hurried passersby, revealing hidden, often fleeting elements born of a particular moment, rendered as richly layered images that allow viewers to bring their own subjectivity to the experience.

Keith Kovach is an associate professor of art at the University of Central Florida with an MFA in photography. He’s been a Fulbright Scholar in Vienna, Austria, and Bucharest, Romania, in media studies.


Experience Cuba through compelling street photography that reveals hidden beauty in the urban landscape, capturing a distinctive aesthetic vision of this storied island nation.